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#1. FIELD PACK: Bird Photography SETTINGS

Bird Photography Settings Field Pack. Bird Photography field tips and techniques by Prathap D K

ATTENTION Bird Photographers:

Here Are Not 10… Not 20… Not Even 30… But 50 Time-Test & Proven Field Techniques To Get  Better (and Tack-Sharp) Images Of Birds…

Just By Doing The Opposite Of What Everyone Else Is Saying Or Doing

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#2. eBook: The “Other” Rules of Composition

Learn The Secrets Of How Successful Bird Photographers See, Compose And Get Great Results In The Field.

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#3. eBook: Kick-Ass Guide to Settings 

Settings ebook. Photography DSLR settings. Kick-Ass Guide to Settings by Prathap D K

Photography eBook: Kick-Ass Guide to Settings eBook: A Magic Formula to Finding the Right Settings for Every Shot—That No One Wants to Teach You.

Finding the right settings in just 3 Simple Steps which works almost like Magic! Just three simple steps to arrive at the perfect settings, every single time. You can do it whether you are a novice or an amateur.

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#4. eBook: Kick-Ass Guide to Exposure

Finding perfect exposure. Exposure eBook or Book by Prathap. Exposure compensation techniques & Histogram.

Photography eBook: Kick-Ass Guide to Exposure: Achieve Perfect Exposure in the Field. Every. Single. Time.

Good photography always starts with getting the perfect exposure in the field. It all boils down to a simple question: “Can you get the perfect exposure in the field, every single time?”

If your answer to this question is a resounding NO, or Maybe, or I don’t know, then you should make a top priority to learn and apply everything I have outlined in this most practical and to-the-point no B.S. eBook.

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#5. eBook Bundle: Bird Photography Package

best bird photography ebooks or books. Bird photography tips and techniques. Post-processing guide to adobe photoshop and lightroom.

Do You Know What Makes A Pro Bird Photographer Win Accolades?

It’s not the equipment. It’s not the luxury of going places. It’s not the time. It’s the THOUGHT PROCESS…the IMAGE MAKING PROCESS.

Change your THINKING to change the OUTCOME.

Think Like A Pro

This New eBook Teaches You Exactly That…or Your Money Back

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#6. Video Course: Post-Processing For Nature Photographers

Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud Post-Processing Video Course for Nature, Wildlife, Bird, and Landscape Photographers by Prathap D K

Post-Processing Video Course for Nature Photographers using Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Software

Post-Processing for Nature Photographers is a step-by-step video course for learning Post-Processing using Adobe Lightroom software starting from scratch. In fact, it’s designed for photographers with little or less knowledge about Adobe Lightroom software and to those who are struggling to get the results that they are after.

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