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[Survey Results] What’s The REAL Problem With Learning Bird Photography?

[Survey Results] What’s the REAL Problem with Learning Bird Photography?

Last week I conducted a very simple survey to understand the real problems with learning bird photography.

The questions were based on my experience talking to numerous students over a period of several years. The survey was very simple and would only take a minute or two to complete.


2,594 readers opened my mail

2,594 readers opened my mail, hopefully, read the content, but only 170 readers responded to the survey. I would have loved to get responses from 2,594 readers as it would have helped me immensely to know what are the real problems.

What I think is a REAL problem is not necessarily what you think

Many a time, I have realized that what I think is a real problem is not necessarily what you (or my students) think. There seems to be a gap in understanding. This is true in all fields. The experts think this is the real issue, but amateur photographers think otherwise.

This gap can mean an opportunity for the experts to know the real problems. But how would an expert know what’s the real problem unless the amateurs say it? Agree?

Reason for this Survey

I conducted this bird photography survey because I am coming up with a course for bird photographers. I have spent lots of time in understanding what are the true needs of the bird photographers, but it’s never sufficient. The more I know about your issues, the better I can serve you.

So, if what I believed are the real problems, matches with what you think, then we have a win-win situation.  The course that I design relies heavily on these factors. I don’t want to make yet-another-course that’s not so useful.

The new course is radically different from any other course. It follows a scientifically proven way of learning skills. It’s practical. It’s simple. You’ll get to decide if these claims are right or wrong in a few weeks time.

Do you think you can help?

If you think you can help me in this regard, all that you need to do take the survey. There are only nine checkboxes each representing the actual problem a bird photographer faces day-in-day-out.

The results from one hundred seventy readers prove that I am on the right path to designing a course that solves your bird photography problems. Your vote might either reinforce that belief or steer me in the other direction.

Let Me Cast My Vote…

I need at least 500 votes to be 100% sure that I am working on the real problems of the bird photographers. So, your vote counts.

The Results Are in…

Here’s the survey result from 170 readers. I would like to thank them for taking this chance to help me understand their real problems with bird photography.


In the end, all that matters is…

…your vote. Why not take this survey right now? Thanks in advance.

Take Care!


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