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Think Like A Pro – Why Is This Important?

Think Like A Pro – Why Is This Important?

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With just about 24 hours for the launch of my eBookBird Photography Simplified – A Virtual Masterclass” I wanted you to truly understand the significance of the concept – Think Like A Pro.

Let’s look at a simple analogy of using a laptop/personal computer.

Every day when you start working on your laptop, do you think what’s the internal RAM size? What’s the processor speed? Whether the screen is 10 or 13 or 15 inch? Whether you have 500 GB hard disk or a 1TB hard disk?

It seems insignificant right? Of course, these are all necessary while you are purchasing the laptop. But it will end there. Does it impact your day-to-day activities? Probably not (unless you are burdened by your company :))

Why are these questions insignificant?

Because…what’s important is the usage of the device but not the device itself. It’s just a tool to perform your activities. Some laptops might be faster than the other. But, does your thinking change just because you have a faster computer?

Even if you have a super computer, does it ever change the output you are currently producing? It will only give you the results faster. The result itself will not change.

If you want to get different results or better results, your thought process has to change. You have to think in a different direction. You have to be more creative or more productive.

Do you agree?

So…if you apply this analogy to photography, you will find the same basic concept.

During your earlier days, you are more concerned about which camera should you buy, which lens gives you the best quality, which metering mode is the best, which focusing mode yields you a faster focus, etc.

It sounds reasonable. That’s the way every photographer would have started.

But, what really bothers me is, several photographers don’t want to go beyond that point. They will be stuck in these smaller aspects for several years. Their minds are so preoccupied with these thoughts, that they just can’t feel the nature anymore.

Every beautiful photograph they look at, they ask questions like:

  • Which camera did the photographer use?
  • Maybe it’s a super telephoto lens that’s why it’s of high quality?
  • Did the photographer use Manual Mode?
  • If I know the exact settings, I will be able to make a similar photograph!

If these tools and settings occupy most of your time and energy, the true joy of photography is LOST.

At the end of the day, we are all into photography mostly because we love nature. We love the beauty or grandeur or moods of nature. If you fail to appreciate it and enjoy it, you can’t make evocative photographs.

“A technically superb photograph might fail miserably in front of an evocative image.”

Remember this truth:

Anyone can become an expert in using these tools, but only a few can make good photographs.


What would happen if there is just 1 camera, 1 lens, and 1 setting in this world?

I guess…most photographers will quit. Because, several photographers don’t know what to do! There’s nothing to brag about or crib about. There’s nothing to fight. Isn’t it?

Read the above paragraph multiple times. Let it sink into your mind. Let it open the doors to your endless creativity. The creativity which has no bounds. The creativity which makes you happy.  Which brings that joy inside you.

That creativity which makes you one with nature.





Think like a pro concept is a step forward towards opening the door to your creativity.

Imagine: You are a very passionate bird photographer and there’s a client who wants you to take the photographs of American bald eagles for a calendar.

What are some of the most important things you would do? Here are the 2 options.


  1. Get the best possible camera with lowest noise levels and highest fps settings.
  2. Get the best lens with far enough reach.
  3. Go to the most exotic location where bald eagles are found.
  4. Make sure that there is enough light to get the maximum shutter speed.
  5. Make sure to get the sharpest images with the best exposure with the lowest noise level possible.
  6. Get as many photographs as possible so that the client has more choice.
  7. Make sure to get good composition or else do it in the post-processing stage.
  8. Make a calendar and present it to the client.


  1. Research the best location.
  2. Check the photographs taken by other photographers in that location.
  3. Check the lighting conditions in that location and the background.
  4. Come out with a story outline for the calendar.
  5. Figure out how many days it might take to get the required content.
  6. Go to the location and scout the location for the best viewpoint, best light, and best background.
  7. Make some interesting photographs keeping the story in mind.
  8. Make sure to get technically good images.
  9. Make a calendar and present it to the client.

Which option did you choose?

I am guessing you chose the option-1 initially, and then switched to the option-2 J Didn’t you? If you chose the option-2 directly, I am very happy for you.

If you understand the core philosophy behind the 2 options, it boils down to this:

Option-1 represents technicians whereas Option-2 represents photographers.

There is a fine line between the two. Normally a good photographer is also a good technician, but not the other-way-around.

If you know what exactly you want (i.e., Vision), then you will do your best to make it happen. Don’t you? You will learn everything possible to turn your vision into reality.


In fact, it matters more than ever. When you have a vision, you will try to do everything possible to turn it into reality.

You believe in it now. Don’t you?

My upcoming eBook Bird Photography Simplified – A Virtual Masterclass is based on the same principle. I didn’t want it to be yet another book on bird photography. I didn’t want to write about something that I don’t strongly believe in.

What I have written in this eBook is exactly what I do. The exact steps that I follow in the field, the exact techniques that I apply, and the exact thought process that runs in my mind while I am in the field.

I call it a virtual masterclass for this very reason. I am teaching you virtually about everything I know and everything that I believe helps you to become a better photographer.

It is my most significant work till date and I have done my best.

I would strongly recommend you to read this eBook at least twice to get the real value out of it.

The Bird Photography Simplified – A Virtual Masterclass eBook will be released in another 24 hours for a reasonable price of US$39.99.

To make it a complete bird photography package, I am giving away my popular eBook A Step-by-Step Guide to Post Processing worth US$19.95 for free.

Bird Photography Simplified. Best book or ebook on Bird Photography by Prathap.


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Prathap is a professional nature photographer and founder of Nature Photography Simplified blog. He aims to simplify every photography concept to help beginners and amateur photographers.

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