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Interview with Award winning wildlife photographer Marina Cano. Cabarceno Natural Park in Cantabria Spain. wildlife photographer from Cantabria in the North of Spain. Interview by Prathap. Nature Photography Simplified.

Inspirational Photography by Award Winning Wildlife Photographer Marina Cano – An Interview

Marina Cano is probably one of the distinguished wildlife photographer of our times. She is an award winning wildlife photographer from Cantabria in North of Spain. Marina’s unique style of photography makes her one of the successful wildlife photographers. It’s such a pleasure to see her work. Those of you who haven’t see her work […]

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One Bird Photography Tip Which can Make or Break Your Bird Photograph

Bird Photography is one of the most interesting of all types of photography. Because of their beauty and unpredictable behavior, birds make very exciting subjects to photograph. Also, Birds are one of the most widely photographed subjects since they are abundant in most of the places. However, it takes lot of patience and endurance to […]

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