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Best Nature Photos. Backlight photography. Backlit flower simple composition. Nature, Wildlife, Bird, and Landscape Photography by Prathap.

Day #22: Simplicity!

The Photo Backlit Flower in Oak Tree Park in Grayslake, Illinois. Story Behind the Photo Atleast twice a week we had a practice of taking a walk in the nearby forest preserves or parks. Oak Tree Park was just a mile away from our apartment. That day I and my wife were on our usual […]

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Photography Composition Techniques: Elements of Visual Design. Shape and Form. Indian Peafowl portrait. Nature, Wildlife, Bird and Landscape Photography by Prathap. Silhouette of an Indian Peafowl.

Photography Composition Techniques: Elements of Design – Shape & Form

When I say Shape, what comes to your mind first? May be a Triangle, Circle, Square, or something similar…isn’t it? We learnt it in our schools. We remember them immediately because they are all primary shapes. When you started drawing as a kid you would have mostly started drawing outlines, isn’t it? Outlines are nothing […]

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Nature Photography Simplified by Prathap. Horizontal and Vertical Composition Techniques. Fall Foliage on the way to Agate Waterfalls in Upper Peninsula, Upper Michigan

Horizontal and Vertical Composition Techniques – Which is Best for You?

In the previous article we looked at the most important aspect to consider while composing a photograph, especially a Landscape Photograph. Today let us look at 2 very basic composition techniques –Horizontal and Vertical. Horizontal and Vertical composition techniques helps you to change the look and feel of the image. There are certain qualities that […]

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Nature Photography Simplified. Photography Composition Techniques. Symmetry. Nature Photography Simplified. Photography Composition Techniques. Perfect Reflection of a Frog

5 Photography Composition Techniques to Improve Your Photography

Photographic composition is probably the most important of all Photography concepts. Without composition there is just chaos! Let us consider an example to see why composition is important. Imagine you enter a meeting or conference room in your office or college. What is the first thing that goes to your mind? Where to sit…right? What […]

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Best Nature Photos.Foggy morning scene in Skyline Drive Blue Ridge Parkway Motor driveway in Shenandoah National Park, West Virginia, US. Nature, Wildlife, Bird, and Landscape Photography by Prathap.

Leading Lines: Easiest Photography Composition Technique for Landscape Photography

Leading line composition technique is the easiest to understand and apply in Landscape photography. In fact, we compose some of the photographs using leading line composition technique unknowingly! You would have done that too…It comes to us naturally. Let me make you believe it using an example. Imagine you are driving through a forest and […]

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9 Bird Photography Composition Mistakes That You Should Avoid

I see many beginners committing these 9 composition mistakes in Bird Photography over and over again. I thought it will be more revealing to write an article to understand why you should avoid these compositions altogether to make your bird photographs more compelling. Check out The Rule of Thirds composition for Bird Photography, so that you […]

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