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Snowy Egret Display. Interview with Michael Milicia. A professional bird and wildlife photographer. Best bird photography and wildlife photography tips. Nature Photography Simplified.

Interview with Michael Milicia: An Inspiring Bird Photographer

You know that this blog is based on simplicity. Michael Milicia is a person who lives and breathes on simplicity. Mike is a software professional turned professional bird and wildlife photographer. He is a multiple award winner as well an inspiring photographer and teacher. He believes in breaking down the complex technical aspects in photography […]

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Interview with talented bird photographer from India, Gaurav Mittal. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or Keoladeo National Park. Rajastan Tourism. Bird Photography. Interview by Prathap.

Inspirational Bird Photography by Gaurav Mittal: An Interview

Last December, I had the pleasure of meeting Gaurav Mittal in person in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary – A Birder’s Paradise. It was such a joy to meet passionate person like him, especially because we share similar interests. We spent several hours discussing about bird photography, our likes and dislikes, and spent few good hours photographing […]

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9 Bird Photography Composition Mistakes That You Should Avoid

I see many beginners committing these 9 composition mistakes in Bird Photography over and over again. I thought it will be more revealing to write an article to understand why you should avoid these compositions altogether to make your bird photographs more compelling. Check out The Rule of Thirds composition for Bird Photography, so that you […]

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One Bird Photography Tip Which can Make or Break Your Bird Photograph

Bird Photography is one of the most interesting of all types of photography. Because of their beauty and unpredictable behavior, birds make very exciting subjects to photograph. Also, Birds are one of the most widely photographed subjects since they are abundant in most of the places. However, it takes lot of patience and endurance to […]

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