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Nature Photography Simplified by Prathap. Horizontal and Vertical Composition Techniques. Fall Foliage on the way to Agate Waterfalls in Upper Peninsula, Upper Michigan

Horizontal and Vertical Composition Techniques – Which is Best for You?

In the previous article we looked at the most important aspect to consider while composing a photograph, especially a Landscape Photograph. Today let us look at 2 very basic composition techniques –Horizontal and Vertical. Horizontal and Vertical composition techniques helps you to change the look and feel of the image. There are certain qualities that […]

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Nature Photography Simplified. Photography Composition Techniques. Symmetry. Nature Photography Simplified. Photography Composition Techniques. Perfect Reflection of a Frog

5 Photography Composition Techniques to Improve Your Photography

Photographic composition is probably the most important of all Photography concepts. Without composition there is just chaos! Let us consider an example to see why composition is important. Imagine you enter a meeting or conference room in your office or college. What is the first thing that goes to your mind? Where to sit…right? What […]

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Nature Photography Simplified. Understanding Exposure. Using Shutter Speed to freeze the action.

[FINAL Part] Photography Basics – Understanding Exposure, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO

We have come to the final part of this 9-part series discussing Exposure, Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. I hope you have read all the previous 8-parts and have understood the concepts. If you haven’t, then I recommend you to go through each part one by one. Understanding Exposure will open up whole new possibilities […]

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