Sneaky Little Tricks To Making Your Bird Photographs Look Professional

The man who commissioned the Mona Lisa refused it.

That simply tells that this man was just one in a million who had no aesthetic qualities to see a masterpiece. They don’t really understand that “God is in the Details.”

He reminds me of people who think bird photography is nothing but getting sharper images. For them, the mantra is this: “If you get a sharp image, you have a great image.” Because, for them, the composition is just after-the-fact which is done in the post-processing stage. These are the same photographers whose portfolios will put you to sleep. They are monotonous and boring at best. If you shuffle ten different photographers' photographs from the same place…

They’ll Have A Hard Time To Figure Out Which Ones Are Theirs!

Because they are all… Swimming In The Sea Of Sameness.

But there’s ONE in hundred (or even thousand) photographers, who know exactly how to make his bird photographs look more appealing. For he has “trained” himself for years to “see” what’s possible, to “compose” in a way that makes the photo more appealing, and “gets” the exact results he is after. HE knows that God is in the Details

You Want To Be Like That Photographer. The One Who’s In Command.

You want to be able to SEE the opportunities in the field (not after-the-fact), COMPOSE your photograph in the field, and get back a potentially GREAT photograph back home. And, do it CONSISTENTLY. Are you up for something like this?

Today, within just a few minutes, you can DISCOVER…

Thirty Sneaky Little Tricks To Composing Your Bird Photographs Like An EXPERT

These thirty rules of composition will make “you” and all your friends and followers go DROOLING over your images. In just a matter of an hour or so, you can learn everything there is to making your bird photographs look professional and appealing with subtle meaning that you never ever imagined possible. You might even not believe how powerful these sneaky little tricks are when applied to your bird photographs can make it irresistible to the viewers. 

The best part of all this is… 

You’ll Know EXACTLY What You Are Going To Get 
BEFORE You Dip The Shutter

That’s the height of sophistication for any bird photographer… And, you can be one of those “rare” breed photographers starting today when you get your hands on the most comprehensive (and only) guide on composing bird photographs IN THE FIELD…

The “Other” Rules Of Composition

The Secrets Of How Successful Bird Photographers See, Compose And Get Great Results In The Field.

That’s the height of sophistication for any bird photographer… And, you can be one of those “rare” breed photographers starting today when you get your hands on the most comprehensive (and only) guide on composing bird photographs IN THE FIELD…

You might be well off your way to making some great images by following these two simple rules. (See Page 22-27).

Learn this simple 5-step formula to achieve Shallow DoF. (See Page 19).

A seldom-used rule that might make you regarded as a highly-skilled bird photographer. (See Page 70).

Find out the two most important factors that play a crucial role in making your silhouette photos stand out. (See Page 63).

Learn 7 ways of turning your photograph of two birds into a unique and appealing shot. (See Page 43).

Finding hidden Symmetry & Pattern while photographing a flock of birds makes your portfolio more professional. It gives you an edge over other bird photographers who’d be busy getting just the sharp but typically cliched image. (See Page 78-84).

Find out these 5 professional techniques to making a pair in flight more appealing than most others. (See Page 40).

Let’s looks at some examples from the eBook

If these examples don’t give you the confidence that composition indeed is what separates excellent images from okay images… if you don’t think that they are indeed crucial to pulling out appealing images on a consistent basis… if you don’t think they are making any big impact… if you don’t think they make your portfolio brimming with variety and “wow” ness… then please feel free to look elsewhere. I am not sure if many photographers even know about all of these, let alone writing about it. But, if you like what you are seeing, let me tell you that most often…

A Seemingly Simple and Unimpressive Tweak Is What Makes A Huge Impact In The End Result

And, a photo might consist of several such little tweaks that make it more appealing as you see in the above examples. The more examples you see the more you’ll realize how they all work together. The book contains a total of 30 examples each showing you exactly how many of the “other” composition rules are used in them. 

These Examples Help You Build A Visual Vocabulary That Sets An Expert Photographer Apart From The Rest

It goes without saying that the better the Visual Vocabulary you possess, the stronger photographs you can make. Some of your photographs might even contain as many as “ten” rules—all at once—working together to form a formidable piece of work. While a vast majority of photographers might never be able to understand why your photographs are so appealing—all of a sudden—they will never be able to ignore them. In fact, they’ll be wondering how you are making them work. That’s something every expert photographer aims for—something seemingly simple and appealing that’s also mystical at the same time.

If that seems like an exaggeration…

Here’s A Challenge For You

Can you spot the ten “other” rules of composition that are used in this single photo?

How many did you spot? 

Here are the TEN rules of composition that are working silently underneath this seemingly simple photograph.

It’s actually not that difficult to pull out an image that uses plenty of these rules. In fact, once you internalize these rules they will automatically start popping up relentlessly in your photographs. You don’t have to necessarily remember them all. It’ll be “automatic” just the way they are to me today. Once it’s automatic, you’ll start seeing consistent results and you’ll start pulling out more and more appealing photographs day after day after day.

Let’s accept it. At the end of the day… 

You Want To Impress Others Through Your Photographs. We All Do.

But, it’ll give greater satisfaction… and a greater sense of confidence… when someone you can pull it off on a regular basis. You don’t want to be that “one-off wonder.”

Now the BIG question is…

Will the The “Other” Rules of Composition eBook help you achieve great results?

Will it help you get the great results that you have been longing for… will it help you get dramatically improved results… will it help you stand out in the “sea of sameness”… perhaps as soon as today?

Here’s how you can find out without risking a single penny. 

Go ahead and order the The “Other” Rules of Composition eBook now. See if you don’t find it so valuable that you’ll start wondering why someone didn’t teach you these simple ways to make appealing photos before… See if you don’t see the mistakes that you might be committing now… See if you can’t find more appealing and stronger photographs to present it to the audience…

And You Have ONE HUNDRED DAYS To Test It

Your purchase is backed-up with A Fool-Proof No-Questions-Asked 100-Day Money Back Guarantee In case if you find it not worth your money, just shoot an email to me asking for a refund, and I’ll promptly return your every single penny without a question.

Here’s how you to get your copy of The “Other” Rules of Composition: The Secrets Of How Successful Bird Photographers See, Compose And Get Great Results In The Field eBook today and enjoy accolades from your friends, peers, and fans.

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Number of Rules Covered: 30
Size of the PDF File: Approx. 9 MB

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