Unleash the Power of Lightroom & Photoshop!


A Practical Yet Simple Guide to Post Processing Your Bird Photographs

          Pressing the Shutter is just the Beginning!

          Unleash the complete potential of your RAW files

          Cut down your Processing time by learning most useful Tools in Lightroom

          Take your Processing to the next level with advanced Tools of Photoshop

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Learning Made Easy

Learning something new could be a daunting task. How about learning one tool at a time and one step at a time!

Process it the Right Way

Do you follow a proper workflow? Understand why processing in an organized way could be a way to getting the best results

Don't Waste Time

How many times have you processed similar images? Burst mode leaves you with tens of similar images. How about processing them in bursts as well!

Unlock the Mystery

The differnce between a masterly processed image vs a poorly processed image is in local adjustments. Process your images to give impact to the most important element. After all you want the viewer to know your subject, isn't it?

Everything is Not Perfect

Being a Bird Photographer, you might understand that not many things are under your control. You cannot get the perfect shot in the field. Learn to remove distractions to yield much more pleasing photograph

Learn Only What is Necessary

You cannot learn every tool that is available to you. Especially with professional softwares like Lightroom and Photoshop. Learn only the essential tools and techniques, save yourself the time and energy for taking more photographs

"Regarding your Guide to Post Processing Bird Photos, it is fantastic, I love it. I still have a long way to go, but I need it so much, as I am an avid bird lover and photographer, however I have not had the education in post processing so my photos are not as awesome as they should be. When I complete the Prathap course, I will be an expert!! Thanks so much again!"

- Judy Champ

Get the Best Results from your RAW files


Learn basic workflow to cut down your processing time and increase your productivity. With just few basic adjustments make your images pop


Sometimes it is very important to give more emphasis on the bird since the bird doesn't stand out from its background. Thanks to local
adjustments tools of Lightroom and Photoshop that makes it a breeze


It is not always possible to frame the composition exactly the way you want in the field. It might not be possible to get another frame with
right composition. In such cases, you can extend the canvas a bit to get the right composition or to give enough breathing space


How many times have you thought you got the perfect moment only to realize there was a branch running over the bird?
It is very common issue especially with action shots. Learning some advanced tools in Photoshop would help you to get
the wow image that wouldn't have been possible otherwise

"I have explored photoshop and bought Lightroom because of your book. So easy to follow the instructions with illustrations it has been the most encouraging resource for my hobby of photographing birds. I am so grateful."

- Mavis

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Prathap has written a few articles for us at Digital Photography School. His bird photography is top notch and his teaching skills and information provided are highly valuable to readers. If you want to take your bird photography to the next level Prathap can help you do that. In this ebook he helps you learn to process your bird photos to create clear and stunning finished images, step by step.


Darlene Hildebrandt

Managing Editor, Digital Photography School

Postprocessing is a under estimated and in some ways not beloved theme in a bird photographers workflow. Taking pictures outside is adventure, is fun, means playing with light animals and chance ! Postprocessing means sitting in front of a monitor for hours and days ! It´s not a glorious action. Regarding to this I cannot thank Prathap enough for doing such incredible work. He has a fundamental and adorable in depth knowledge about the most important, most liked and most competent software used at all ! Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adope Photoshop Creative Suite are a standard for every serious acting photographer ! Prathap talks about some difficult subjects and makes them much more approachable for the beginner. But I am sure also experienced photographers can take benefits. It opens my eyes to many unknown areas. A very useful step by step guide by a man who writes about what he loves most: Outstanding bird photography! My respect and thanks to dear Prathap! May your Book have the success you deserve!


Heinrich Wagner

Owner, BIRDS GALLERY Google+ Page

Prathap has now brought out an excellent and easy to understand e-book on Post processing in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for Bird photographers. Perhaps there is no better person than Prathap, a very accomplished and talented bird photographer himself, to write on this complex subject. The book is concise and very well written . Prathap explains all the tools, principles and features of Lightroom and Photoshop in a very lucid and systematic manner and runs the reader through a typical workflow, all the while cautioning about the pitfalls and errors which could arise during post processing . The book will be immensely useful to both beginners and experienced photographers. I have no hesitation in recommending Prathap's e-book on Post processing Bird Photographs.


Dilip Mundkur

Moderator, HQSP Birds

First of all I would like to congratulate you for the ebook you wrote. I must say it is brilliantly executed with such simple words and examples to understand for a new comer in the field. Each and every step of the post processing is perfectly mentioned with such ease. Hats off for the effort and time you devote to wrote this. This will help many people.


Sharad Agarwal

Talented Bird Photographer from Udaipur

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Buy It Now! (For Indians Only)

             *This is a digital book available in pdf format only

NOTE: This eBook comes FREE when you purchase Bird Photography Simplified - A Virtual Masterclass eBook.

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Prathap is the founder of Nature Photography Simplified blog that is dedicated to Nature Photographers. An avid Nature Photographer who specializes in Bird Photography and Landscape Photography. He believes strongly in Simplicity. His aim is to simplify the most complex concepts of Photography to help the beginners and serious hobbyists digest these concepts in a much less time.