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Below listed are the upcoming photography workshops.

I have been on a few Wildlife Photo trip with some experts, but have to admit that the Trip with Prathap was by far the best. Being reasonably new to the DSLR world, Prathap makes the whole learning process very simple. The stress on Composition and exposure, has helped me to improve my photographs a lot . Prathap is very patient, and even answers some of the silly questions that we beginners may ask. Thanks Prathap for the great trip to Bharatpur. 

– Sridhar Sivaram from Mumbai.


An INCREDIBLE 18-Day Photography Trip Covering ICONIC LOCATIONS In & Around Rajasthan [SOLD OUT]

27th November to 14th December 2016

Agra, Mathura, Jaipur, Varanasi, Ranthambore National Park, and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Total Seats: 2 (Only ONE Seat Available)

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Photography Trip or Workshop in Masai Mara, Kenya, to witness the Great Migration. African Safari in Masai Mara by Prathap. Nature PHotography Simplified.

Masai Mara – The Great Migration Photography Tour [SOLD OUT]

Sept 17th to 24th 2016.

Masai Mara, Kenya.

4 Seats.

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2016 Bird Photography Workshop in India. Best Bird Photography Workshop for Beginners and Amateurs. Photography Workshops in India by Prathap.

5-Day Bharatpur Bird Photography Workshop (Batch-1) [SOLD OUT]

Dec 10th to 14th 2016.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Rajasthan, India.

8 Seats.

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2016 Bird Photography Workshop in India. Best Bird Photography Workshop for Beginners and Amateurs. Photography Workshops in India by Prathap.5-Day Bharatpur Bird Photography Workshop (Batch-2)

Dec 14th to 18th 2016.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Rajasthan, India.

2 Seats Available (Max. 8 Seats)

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This brand-new 2-month mentorship program is a multiple small masterclasses that will allow you to understand each concept thoroughly. Most importantly you would have time to apply these concepts and practice them. Then, get them reviewed by me and do it again if it’s necessary.

If you give me your 100%, then this should be the only program you need to attend. You should be able to get surprisingly good results. I want to see that you surprise yourself and your friends and family members with the results. Believe me, every workshop student of mine has done it already. It’s not an exaggeration.

I am really happy that I joined this course. Though it’s been seven months since I became a student of this wonderful art, my learning curve got a great push in the last few weeks with this course. Prathap Sir has a very good style of keeping things simple at the core. You learn to get the basics right – the simple things which we often miss out when learning too many. I initially thought he would teach me camera settings… manual focus, exposure, different modes of shooting, etc. but he started with what I considered my best shots and then moving from thereon. In every session I get a detailed analysis of my new clicks and learn what I did wrong, how I could have made it better – in a way teaching me focus, exposure, different modes of shooting and the most important of all – composition. In a one to one session, I get his undivided attention. He can be very critical at times but also doesn’t shy away when it comes to praise.  With a deadline to mail him by the end of the week the clicks based on what has been learned, one is pushed in the field, to take shots, to compose rightly, to practice which I think is the only way to learn any art.

Thanks Prathap Sir for sharing things which you have learnt the hard way and making our path a lot simpler.  

– Rajeev from Agra.

For more details check 2-month Photography Mentorship Program.


I conduct premium photography workshops which are highly customized. The one-on-one photography workshop is a highly effective program that helps you to develop your photography skills immediately.

This is a proven technique with several participants going from almost zero to a considerable level of expertise. One such student was a class 12 student who learned everything about DSLR photography with a borrowed camera!

Not to mention, all these students have gone on to become much better photographers in terms of using semi-automatic and manual mode, the right settings for a given scene, using light to their advantage, and having a good sense of composition.

If they can do it, you can do it too.

I attended [customized] photography course at Bharatpur national Park with Prathap as my one on one mentor from 19 to 21 st Jan, 2016. 

I arrived at Bharatpur on 18th Jan cold and foggy evng. But warmth of Prathap and friendly atmosphere and hot home food at Iora guest house made me feel very comfortable.

Next two days of intensive photography followed with Prathap keeping a close eye and giving useful tips. I learnt many useful techniques of using my camera followed my composition, habitat, bird portrait and action shots.

On the final day whole morning was spent very usefully on discussion about using lightroom and photoshop.

After three days with Prathap I am very confident that my photography will go to next level

Also enjoyed Prathap’ s very informal teaching while still keeping a very close eye on my shots.

– Dr. Ragu from Saudi Arabia

For complete detail, check the article customized one-on-one photography workshops.


If you are a group of 4 to 10, then we can have a specially designed photography workshop for you. If you are interested, contact me here. Send me your group size, your location, and good birding destinations that are closer to your place.

The workshop [was] so well organised and conducted by you. I learnt a great deal about bird photography and the camera settings necessary for taking photos of birds, especially birds in flight. I still have a lot to learn but at least I am on the right path. Your personal interest in the participants made all the difference. The instructions, both during the shoot and during our discussions were where I learnt a lot.

– Vikram from Hyderabad


Thoroughly enjoyed the class. The class was simple and was very well handled. Class size was perfect hence individual attention was possible at every instance. Quite satisfied that we had ample opportunity to try various aspects like flying birds, back-lighting, portrait etc. 

In addition to that, your simplified approach for camera controls have made me concentrate on main aspects like exposure and composition rather than waste time on multiple settings.

I would certainly rate your class as 5, Under the scale 1 To 5 , 5 being highest.

– Gopal Sundaram from Chennai

The Masterclass in the month of December was simply too good with lot of learning from you.  The techniques you taught us were really useful and I am extremely satisfied with the results of the shooting during Masterclass.  Your in-depth knowledge on Bird Photography is simply superb. Many Amateurs like me are getting useful tips on the subject. You have really mastered the art of Bird Photography.

Thank you for sharing such the knowledge…

– Ravikumar from Hyderabad


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