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Day #30: Beautiful Kuthumkal Waterfalls In Munnar

Day #30: Beautiful Kuthumkal waterfalls in Munnar

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The Photo

Beautiful Kuthumkal waterfalls in Munnar, Kerala.

Story Behind the Photo

Taking waterfalls photograph could be sometimes quite challenging because of the sheer number of tourists clogging and also because of the weather requirements to make it shine.

It was not surprising to see so many tourists at Kuthumkal waterfalls because it is one of the main tourist attractions in Munnar.  I took a photograph from close quarters but it was way too distracting and also the tourists didn’t care to give me some space to setup my tripod.

So, I moved back quite a bit which means my main subject – the waterfalls – is far away from the camera. I had to bring in foreground element to create visual interest in the scene. I found this foreground rock very interesting since it was bit pointed and diagonally inclined.

After finding the right point-of-view it was matter of applying the right setting like slow shutter speed and smaller aperture to set the right mood to this beautiful Khutumkal waterfalls.

Quick Tip

Read 7 Tips to Create Stunning Waterfall Photographs and How to Create Visual Interest and Depth Using Foreground.

Technical Information

Body:  Nikon D7100

Lens: NIKKOR 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED AF-S DX Zoom Lens

Focal Length: 12mm

Aperture (f-stop):  f/16

Shutter Speed:  0.77 sec

ISO Sensitivity:  ISO-100

Exposure Compensation: 0 step

Metering Mode:  Spot

Shooting ModeManual

Info About Kuthumkal Waterfalls in Munnar

Read more about Kuthumkal waterfalls here.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Photo Story. Have a Great Day Ahead!

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This Post Has 4 Comments
  1. Hi Prathap,
    Thanks for this series. I enjoy the insights. With this waterfall shot, did you use ND filter ? I’m curious how you got the exposure right ? Thanks.

    1. Hi Brain, thank you! I didn’t use the ND filter. In fact I don’t have one. What a shame 🙂
      I am using the Nikon D750, a full frame camera with fantastic dynamic range. It does wonders if you know how to use it. I exposed it to the highlights and developed it for the shadows. I hope this answers your question.

  2. Hi Prathap, It’s a very nice picture, as you got windows of opportunity ,just because of distract happened of tourist , otherwise it could have been just a another picture of waterfall but this is quite interesting shot , cheers!

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