Interview with Award Winning Nature and Wildlife Photographer Greg Basco with Prathap from Nature Photography Simplified.

Multiple Award-Winning Nature Photographer & Conservationist Greg Basco Shares His Trade Secrets! (Part-I)

A few years ago, I was searching about the some of the most prestigious photography competitions. I wanted to compete against the best and wanted to learn from the best. Tell me who doesn’t want to? I stumbled upon the following photograph, as I was browsing through the winners gallery of one of the best […]

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Choosing the Camera Body for Bird Photography

Choosing the camera and lens is the favorite topic among bird photographers. It’s never ending endeavor. The improvements in today’s technology are tremendous. Every year there are tens of new models. I can understand the dilemma which you have to go through. It can prove to be a nightmare. Let me simplify it for you. […]

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Best Bird Photography Post Processing Tips for Bird Photographers Using Adobe Lightroom. Birds, Wildlife, and Nature Photography by Prathap. Nature Photography Simplified.

Post-Processing Tips for Bird Photography: Import, Export, & Watermarking in Adobe Lightroom

Wow!  This is my 100th post. It’s been a colorful journey so far. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL! Okay! As I said in my previous post, Post-processing bird photographs in Lightroom is probably the easiest of all. Let’s look at folder structure, importing, exporting, and placing a watermark in Adobe Lightroom in this article. […]

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Bird Photography Workshop. Ranganathittu bird sanctuary photography workshop by Prathap. Professional Bird Photography Tips.

Bird Photography Workshop @ Ranganathitthu Bird Sanctuary

Last December I conducted my first Bird Photography Workshop in Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. Ranganathittu bird sanctuary, though very small sanctuary, boasts several species of birds. More than the number of bird species it’s the close proximity at which you can watch and photograph the birds which make it my favorite bird sanctuary. Birds in Ranganathittu bird […]

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