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List of Nature Photography Topics from Our Blog Readers

Here is the list of topics that our readers have submitted. Some topics will be covered in the future, some may not get covered because I may not know them, and some are already covered (and I have provided the link).

Topics That Would Be Covered

  1. How to Get Sharpness in Your Photographs? Or How to Focus on Birds?
  2. How to Take Best Photographs During Early Morning and Late Evening Times?
  3. Macro Photography.
  4. Post Processing Workflow with Lightroom/Photoshop
  5. How to Get Blurred Background in Birds or Flowers?
  6. Manual Settings in Low Light Conditions in Forest Areas
  7. How to Photograph Birds in Flight? Against Clear and Crowded Background.
  8. How to Reduce Camera Shake? Especially with Zoom Lenses.
  9. How to Photograph Birds in Back-light Conditions?
  10. How to Photograph Birds Perched Amidst Lot of Foliage?
  11. How to Do Exposure Compensation?
  12. Detailed Article on Depth-of-Field.
  13. Back-Button Focusing or Rear-Focusing Technique.
  14. How to Sharpen Bird Photographs?
  15. How to Approach the Birds?
  16. How to Do Black & White Nature Photography? Conversion Tips in Post Processing.
  17. How to Avoid Noise in Crop Sensors?
  18. How to Use Manual Exposure for Birds in Flight

Topics That Might Not Be Covered (But Will Keep A Check)

  1. Camera Review — It’s expensive to rent/buy and review a camera. If needed, I can write review based on just the specifications. Do let me know in the comments section.
  2. Night Photography of Owls, Deer, and Northern Lights etc. — I haven’t done night photography. I will try for a guest post.
  3. Lighting Using Artificial Lights. When and How to Use External Flash? — I do not use artificial lights in my photography. I will try for a guest post.
  4. Street Photography — Since it is not a Nature Photography topic, it won’t be covered.
  5. White Balance Settings for Moon Photography — I have done only few moon photographs. I will write it in the future or try for a guest post.

Topics That Are Already Covered

  1. Basics of Nature Photography (Most of the topics in this blog are about nature photography. So I have linked it to Tips & Tutorial section)
  2. How to Get Silky Smooth Flow of Waterfall?
  3. Camera Controls for Manual Mode (Nikon)
  4. Camera Controls for Manual Mode (Canon)
  5. Framing Technique
  6. Camera Metering Modes
  7. RAW Vs JPEG
  8. Understanding Histograms

I hope this exercise would yield much better information for you and would empower you with the required skills to improve your photography.

I thank everyone who participated in this survey and gave me the topics. Much appreciated.

If by any chance I haven’t mentioned your topic, do mention it in the comment. I would be more than happy to include it.

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Prathap is a professional nature photographer and founder of Nature Photography Simplified blog. He aims to simplify every photography concept to help beginners and amateur photographers.

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This Post Has 18 Comments
  1. Dear Prathap,
    If possible, I’d like more explanations about “Manual Exposure for BIF”. I’ve used Aperture Priority Mode and there is an excelent article written by Jim Zuckermann about Manual Mode x Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority(Photo Insights Apr 2013). However many photographers insist on Manual Mode and I don’t agree. Thanks in advance for your attention. Greetings from Brazil.

  2. Hi Prathap,
    I still get confused with ISO settings both the type to use for different situations and the number. Is it best to just leave this for the camera to sort out.
    Kind regards

  3. Thanks. All the topics covered pretty much contain all that I am interested in. Especially the bird topics..

  4. Hi Prathap,

    I will go to Antarctica soon and would like to take good photos of penguins. However, I am worried about getting exposure right, as the birds are black and white and it’s hard to get it right for both colors at the same time. Is exposure compensation the solution?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Kira,
      That’s amazing. I wish I had that chance too.
      It’s not easy always to get the exposure right for such subjects. However, I would say exposure compensation is your best bet. When shot from front they have more white than black. Your light meter will be tricked to believe it’s too bright. It will tone down the exposure. Try using +1 to +2 compensation. This becomes more trickier if you have white snow in the background.
      If the light is soft or diffused, you can get away the issues. You would get lesser dynamic range. This means fantastic exposure. If it’s too bright, I would suggest you to wait. Or, look for penguins in shade.
      Don’t forget to take test shots and tweak the exposure.
      Go for close-ups, textures, and details. Take behavioral shots. Remember to care for head angle. Include habitat.
      Have fun!

  5. Hi Prathap,

    Thank you very much for your reply and your valuable tips. I’m so glad that I found your blog. As birds are my favorite photo subject, it’s been extremely helpful. Thank you!!!

    Best regards

  6. Just want to say your article is as astounding.
    The clearness in your post is just nice and i could assume you’re an expert on this subject.

    Fine with your permission allow me to grab your RSS feed to keep up to
    date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please carry on the gratifying work.

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