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Day #10: Manabezho Falls Soaked In Autumn Colors

Day #10: Manabezho Falls Soaked in Autumn Colors

Best Nature Photos.Manabezho falls in Porcupine Mountains Wilderness Park, Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA . Migratory Birds. National Bird and Animal of America. Nature, Wildlife, Bird, and Landscape Photography by Prathap.

The Photo

Manabezho Falls soaked in autumn colors in Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Upper Peninsula, USA.

Facts from Wiki

Manabezho Falls is a waterfall on the Presque Isle River and is located in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park in Gogebic County, Michigan. With a drop of approximately 25 feet and a crest of 150 feet, it is the largest of the waterfalls on the river. It is below Manido Falls and Nawadaha Falls. The name Manabezho refers to an Ojibway spirit god. A view of the falls is easily accessible by trail.

Story Behind the Photo

In Day #9 story of Manabezho Falls, I described how we ended up taking a wrong route which was in fact helpful!

After making few photographs from a different and unique view point of the Manabezho falls, as described in Day #9, we headed back to the boardwalk. The beauty of the waterfalls was quite amazing. The vibrant colors of autumn leaves were adding to the scene in fantastic way.

During my research I had seen a photograph of this falls from the bottom of the waterfalls. I was very keen on checking out the falls from that view point and see if I can get something remarkable. I could see plenty of opportunities for intimate close-up waterfall photographs. But the water level was bit high and there was no place to get down comfortably.

It was quite disappointing.

I didn’t want to get carried away. I looked for a composition from the boardwalk that would give me the best photograph from that point of view. I decided to go with this composition for factors like:

  • Golden reflection in the water flow above the falls
  • Yellow leaves to frame the falls
  • Wooden log at the far left serving as a leading line

Bit of breathing space in the foreground combined with the slow shutter speed did the magic.

Day #9 photo of the Manabezho falls and this photo gives you a fair idea that change of perspective and point of view makes a very big difference on the resulting photograph.

Technical Information

Body:  Nikon D7100

Lens: Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G Prime Lens

Focal Length: 50mm

Aperture (f-stop): f/10

Shutter Speed: 1/6 sec

ISO Sensitivity: ISO-100

Exposure Compensation: 0 step

Metering Mode: Spot

Shooting Mode: Manual Mode

Quick Tip

Do not restrict yourself to one point of view. Walk around to see if there are multiple viewpoints available. It is good to do research before visiting the place to know if there are any hidden or unique viewpoints.

Don’t be disheartened if you are unable to get to the view point, try something new and make the best possible effort to make a good photograph.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Photo Story. Have a Great Day Ahead!

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  1. nice shot prathap..i love your photos….thanks,,,again…if you come in canada go visit gorgoues water fall…….new-Brunswick…nice yu will got there im sure…bye

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