If you thought you’ll never nail these settings down, perhaps you should reconsider

It’s just 3 steps away. Yes! Just three steps. That's it. No more. No less.

Are you always in search of a perfect setting that works like magic?

If so, let me break it to you right away, there's none.

Yes! There's no perfect settings that works for every single photo. I am speaking to you from my 10+ years of experience and from my 5+ years of professional teaching experience.

Allow me to demonstrate it to you with an example.

Can You Guess the Aperture I am Using Here?

Your guess might be f/11-32, right? Why not. Because, it has a deep depth of field with everything in sharp focus.

What if I say I've used an f-stop of f/5.6 here?

I have used a very large aperture of f/5.6 and still achieved a deeper depth of field!

You can do it too. You can make a sound judgement, no matter the scenario, no matter which equipment you are using, no matter whether you understand all the nitty-gritty of your mind-boggling equipment, or whatever genre of photography you have chosen for yourself.

What’s more important is to realise that you’ll be able to make the right judgment for any given situation, with confidence, once you put my simple and straightforward advice in the book.

It’s just a 3-step formula which works like magic. It’s not a B.S. technique. It’s proven in the field for years.

The best part is you can pull it off even if you are a beginner!

Can You Take Advantage of that Fleeting Moment?

Fleeting moments like the one in the above picture, don't last long. You can't start asking the photographer next to you about the settings to use. Don't laugh. It's an everyday scene for me whenever I am out in the field.

I see scores of photographers debating about which settings are perfect. Can you believe fighting about the right settings when you are using a totally different setup?

Can you believe asking to copy a setting from the fellow photographer when your composition is different from theirs?

Can you believe asking about which metering mode to use, when you should be concentrating on making the best use of the situation?

If you don't want to be one fo these photographers, I recommend you to take a step towards empowering yourself with a rock solid formula to achieve the perfect setting. Right now. Today.

Let me tell you a fascinating story that happened on a gorgeous morning in January when I was trying to take a sunrise shot in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.

I am standing on a cycle rickshaw, trying my best to hold my 10+ kg heavy equipment (Nikon D4 + Nikon 600mm f/4 prime lens) on a tripod that I was using as a monopod due to cramped space, balancing myself with hardly any space for my legs while I was asking several cycle rickshaw pullers to move the rickshaw to get a perfect composition, and at the same time, trying to manage the best possible setting to get a perfect shot.

To add to it, I was also trying the get the perfect head angle of two juvenile painted storks that I was shooting.

Yes, it might all sound crazy, in fact it was crazy, but the end result was just stunning. And, here it is for you.

It was not before I took a couple shots that the birds changed their head angle. Before I could even say anything, the Sun was going up.

What followed afterwards was this crazy mobbing that I'll never forget.

I was just thanking all the rickshaw-pullers for their effort and was sharing this photo with them, that's when people starting mobbing me. They were screaming in awe, calling other people there to check it out, were bestowing praise on me, and soon other photographers joined the chorus.

I am not saying this to brag or anything. I am just giving you an idea about what's possible when you have good skills.and good luck.

While, we can't do anything about the luck, we can strive to have good skills.

If you want to be the next fleeting moment celebrity, presenting...

Kick-Ass Guide To Finding The Right Settings

On page 7 you’ll find the 3-step formula that works like magic. It’s simple and pretty straight forward. You might even know it or some parts of it. It’s nothing new because I am not inventing something new here. All that I am trying to teach you is what works in the field and how to apply it.

But if you say something like:  

“Oh, come on, I know this already.”
“This is too simple and naive.”
“This won’t solve my problem, because I am doing this type of photography.“

You may go on and on and on.

But let me tell you this.

If you are struggling to get what you want, despite knowing all the settings and the fancy terms like Exposure Triangle, full stops & half stops, doubling & halving, then what’s the point?

How many more times will you learn the same concepts without getting any better results?

Truth of the matter is that, you are still not sure how things work. Isn’t it?

Be honest. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this far.

Still With Me?

In that case, let me tell you this. It’s not as complicated as you might think. You just have to answer three simple questions to make the right choice for ANY given situation.

This 3-step simple formula is a universal principle. It works for any kind of photography, be it landscape, portrait, or Birds/wildlife.

sample pages

Here are some sample pages from the eBook. I think it'll give you a fair idea about what to expect.

I’ve backed it up with 25 unique examples!

To make it absolutely clear to you that it works, I have included 25 of my best photographs ranging from birds, mammals, landscapes, & portraits explaining how exactly have I used this exact same 3-step formula.

If you loved my photos, then you’d understand how I consider what settings to use. Once you complete reading he eBook, you’ll be able to apply the same concepts in your photography.

80-85% is Demonstration!

While the formula itself is quite simple and straightforward, I have dedicated nearly 80-85% of the eBook just to demonstrate you how this formula can be used in various situations. I have also made sure how to go above and beyond this formula to get what you want.

That’s the reason I say it’s a no B.S. book.

Most importantly, I have proved it on several occasions with examples, as to why should come out of the “settings” mindset.

I have also included some photos where I have considerably deviated from this formula—sometimes intentionally and sometimes by mistake. They’ll give you a fair idea about what matters in a photograph.

It's About Your Vision, Not About Settings

It's about your vision, not about settings. This'll be the ultimate message that you'd carry home after reading the eBook. You'll understand, very clearly, why photography is all about your vision and nothing else.

When you apply the techniques in the field, you'll realise it much better and will never look back.

Should You Buy Kick-Ass Guide To Settings?

It’s a fair question to ask. In fact, I want you to understand thoroughly what you are getting into. Because this book is entirely different from any other book that you might have read. Including the ones that I produced so far. This book might completely shock you. It’s not something you are typically used to.

You know what? There’s NO table of contents in the book. Yes, there’s none.
You know why? Because I don’t have a table of contents for my photography workshop students. I get straight to the point and get them to work. And to produce the results that they are after.

The truth of the matter is you shouldn’t buy this book if you are looking for the exact settings that you can just set and shoot. There aren’t any. You’ll be utterly disappointed and probably curse me if you think you’ll find those magic settings. I want you to save your time and mine too.

3-Step Formula that Works Almost Like A Magic

What I have done, instead, is to give you a 3-step formula, which almost works like magic, to arrive at the right settings every single time.

With just enough patience and deliberate practice, you’ll be able to figure out the necessary settings under any possible situation. Because there’s really not much to settings when it comes to its application.

There Are Only A Handful of Settings That Are Useful in the Field

If you follow my advice in the book to the point, you’ll see that you can turn your DSLR to work almost like an automatic machine with just enough controls. These controls are the ones that give you the maximum control over the results. These are the only few essential settings out of the plethora of possible settings that a manufacturer has crammed into these machines. Most settings are useless at best.

So, if you are looking for yet another book talking about the same settings as every book, video, & blogs talk about, then you shouldn’t buy it. However, if you are bored and frustrated with the ever-increasing confusion with those theoretical aspects that make no sense whatsoever, then I can assure you that you’ll be thrilled to use my book. It’ll get results if you are ready to put it into practice. That’s guaranteed.

In fact, I’ve written this book to get you the results. And nothing but the results.

avoid disappointment

This eBook IS NOT about how to configure settings on your DSLR. You don’t need a book for that. There are zillions of articles and YouTube videos for that. I expect you to know them or learn them, if necessary.

There's not even a single line dedicated to explain how to configure a particular settings. There's none. Nada.

Still Not Sure?

If you are still not sure if this eBook is for you. There are two things you can do:

1. Take action right away and buy the ebook. Within just an hour you’ll know whether this eBook is valuable for you or not. All that you do is ask for a refund. I’ll refund it immediately.

2. Wait for a perfect time in the future when everything falls in place to upgrade your skills. Well, that might never happen. Because we are all great at procrastinating about becoming more successful, buying that dream house, making that great photo, etc. etc.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what works or what doesn’t work for you. You don’t want to spend your hard earned money into something that might not even move a needle.

But, what if this Kick-Ass guide does move a needle? What if it does change the game, forever? What if it does make you a better photographer? What if you could at least make use of the equipment worth thousands of dollars that’s collecting dust from last few months or even years?

You Never Know

You never know when you’ll be given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of making that award-winning shot. Every photographer looks forward to those fleeting moments that can be a turning point in one’s career.

This photo of a Spot-billed Pelican scooping the water, backlit by the rising sun, wouldn’t have been possible had I not been able to configure the required settings on-the-fly. There’s no award for guessing how rare such opportunities are. And you wouldn’t believe if I say I have taken this photo using one of the cheapest zoom lenses available in the market—Nikkor 70-300mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. Yes, you read it right. That’s the lens I have used.

What’s more interesting is that I took this shot while aboard a boat while teaching my students on a bird photography workshop. Yes, I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t using my best equipment. I wasn’t in the best of the positions. I wasn’t even expecting any such miracle to happen.

But, there it was. Right in front of my eyes. After almost 8 years after I first witnessed this miraculous water drinking habit of these pelicans. There’s a fascinating story behind their behavior which I’ll be writing in length some day.

But for now, what’s important to note is that you never know when that moment strikes when you’d end up getting that memorable shot.

You just got to be ready.

What Will You Do?

If you are bestowed with such rare opportunities, what will you do?

Will you make use of that opportunity or will you come back empty-handed?

Why not use this opportunity to learn about this magical formula to find the right settings every single time. It saves you a lot of time and frustrations from useless and confusing concepts that flood the internet. It’ll save you several weeks, months, or even years of trial and error by giving you the exact steps to arrive at the right settings, no matter what kind of Photography you do.

Limited Time Only

Remember, the Kick-Ass Guide to Settings eBook is available only till this Friday midnight 11:59 pm EST. It’s your chance to put an end to all the frustrations finally.

Act right away, before it’s too late.


To make it irresistible, I’ve added a bonus eBook--Field Guide to Bird Photography Settings (for Nikon & Canon)--that’ll leave you with no reason to pass this incredible opportunity.

And it’s absolutely free when you purchase Kick-Ass Guide to Settings eBook or when you bundle it with Kick-Ass Guide to Exposure eBook.

100-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I am backing your purchase with a 100-day money back guarantee. Yes, 100 days it is! It takes only an hour or so for you to know whether this eBook is as big a deal or not. But, I want to make sure that you get time long-enough time to practice all the exercises and test them thoroughly before you believe their effectiveness. If they don’t produce results, just drop me a line asking for the refund within 100 days from the purchase date. I’ll refund it in full. No questions asked.

Get the ebook today @ just US $25

What you’ll learn from this eBook could prove invaluable if you didn’t know how things work in reality. Because I have had students, who have 1 to 50 years of photography experience who just didn’t know how to make sense of all these settings. It’s a fact. There’s no exaggeration. And these same students have paid anywhere between $500 to $3000 to learn from me.

You have a chance to learn these concepts at a tiny fraction of that cost. While they didn't had a chance to ask for a refund, you have previously unimaginable money-back guarantee of 100 days! Can you beat that. You have nothing to lose but only to gain far greater than you realize.

Note that the eBook is available only till this Friday midnight 11:59 pm EST. It’s your chance to put an end to all the frustrations finally.

Act right away, before it’s too late.

NOTEIt's a digital book (eBook) in pdf format, downloadable and readable on most digital devices. And the size of the pdf file is approximately 32 MB.

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