Are You Confident that you Can Get the Perfect Expo-SURE ?

It isn’t outrageous if I say I can teach you to get the perfect exposure in the field. I can. And, I will.

Or, your money back.

I have struggled a whole lot in my photography experience to get perfect exposures. It was not easy. It was indeed very very frustrating. As far as I remember, it was the Egret which got the best out of me. No wonder it’s my favorite bird of all. Indeed my best photograph so far is of the Egret.

But, it was exceptionally difficult for me to expose them perfectly for years. It was only after failing on countless occasions over the years that I can now get better exposures on a consistent basis.

That’s just one example. There are countless other scenarios I have spent countless hours trying to nail down the exposure. The problem was that all the stuff that was written on the Internet & books about the exposure were of very little use. They were more of theoretical stuff than the practical ones.

I sincerely wish I had known how to perfectly expose in the field, a decade earlier. I am not sure if I would have had great photos, but for sure I would have been a lot more happier with the results. At least, I wouldn’t be frustrated underexposing or overexposing countless images day after day, month after month.

Sometimes, it feels like it was all necessary to become a better photographer. But, it’s also true that there’s no way I can get back those precious moments that I wish I had captured. Those underexposed images that I could have exposed perfectly. Those overexposed images that I wish I could have exposed perfectly.

Let me tell you that you don’t have to go through all that pain or commit costly mistakes that can potentially ruin your chances of capturing those award-winning images.

Introducing…No-holds-barred eBook that takes the guesswork out of making a great exposure

What you are about to learn in my brand new eBook—Kick-Ass Guide to Exposure: Achieve Perfect Exposure. Every. Single. Time.—is something that’s a result of 10+ years of photography experience and 4+ years of teaching students in my photography workshops. These techniques are proven to work as any of my photography students would vouch for.

If there’s one thing all my students will remember, then it’ll be about my crazy attitude of drilling them with the importance of getting the perfect exposure in the field.

In simple words, I am proud to share all that I’ve ever learned in my 10+ years of photography experience in one mammoth eBook full of rich examples.

Let me warn you right now that this eBook is not about some theoretical concepts, these are hands-down field tips. You’ve to put them into practice in order to get the results. I’ll guarantee that they’ll get the REAL results. As they have always been for all my students and me.

That’s a claim very few photographers can make.

Let me ask you a simple quetsion

What do you think a book on exposure should contain?

Some concepts & some images, right? Hopefully images in different scenarios, right?

What if I tell you that this book is full of images, in various different scenarios. I mean full. Except for a very few beginning pages, almost every single page contains images.

Here’s the kicker, though.

This is probably the only book to contains full of RAW/unprocessed images from various different scenarios and situations. Yes, you read it right. More than 90% of the images included in the book are unprocessed RAW images—Straight-out-of-the-camera.

Can you beat that?

Which other book do you know that contains a majority of the unprocessed images? I doubt if there’s any.

Why Did i include RAW/unprocessed images?

For a simple and profound reason that I want to show you what’s possible in the field. That’s the key. You’ve to first understand what’s possible in the field before even thinking what’s possible in the post-processing and in print. Every master photographer understands this very well. And, now it’s your turn to embrace it.

You’ll also get to know how I work in the field. I am certain that you’ll understand the criticality of getting the perfect exposure in the field, without the shadow of a doubt.

You can consider it to be a one-on-one virtual masterclass on Exposure at your fingertips. You can take this course as many times as you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want. And, you don’t have to pay again and again. You can’t ask for more. Can you?

In simple words, I shamelessly would say that “it’s my most significant work so far.” Yes, I am thrilled to share it with you. In fact, I just can’t express my enthusiasm to share it with you. For I know, this is sure to change your photographs. Forever. And for better.

Contrary to the popular belief

Contrary to the popular beliefI have heard many photographers blindly believe that they should underexpose Egret (or the bright subjects) by -1 Ev step. I’ve been told countless times too.

Why? Because Egret is one of those brightest subjects with subtle details. If you don’t underexpose it, all the details will be blown out or overexposed.

If that’s to be believed, what about this photo? I've used an exposure compensation of + 2/3 EV. It should put an end to that nonsense.

It’s just one such example busting the myths about exposure. Once you understand the true meaning of what a perfect exposure is and how to achieve it in the field, you won’t care for such suggestions. You’ll laugh at them at best.


- It’s not a typical eBook that talks about the definition of exposure, how it all came about, which metering mode is the best, what’s TTL metering, and so on.
- It’s not about Exposure Triangle
- It’s not about settings, metering modes, or equipment
- It’s not about post-processing tricks to make something out of nothing
- It doesn’t contain a bag of tricks that’ll magically get you the perfect exposure
- It’s not an eBook that teaches you 10 different ways to get perfect exposure
- It doesn’t contain a magic bullet that’ll somehow get you perfect exposure
- It’s not a theory or concept-based book

Here're just 7 No-brainer Reasons to Buy Kick-Ass Guide to Exposure today

Reason #01: Side-by-side comparison of the RAW photos to demonstrate the concepts

Throughout the eBook, you’ll see RAW/unprocessed photos that are used to demonstrate the concepts. I am talking about more than 100 RAW photographs! Yes, one hundred! There’s no other book that I know of which use so many straight-out-of-the-camera RAW files.

Reason #02: Almost every photo is accompanied by Histogram & EXIF data screenshots

Yes, you read it right. I’ve put out the screenshots directly from Adobe Lightroom to keep it authentic. You’ll get to see all the EXIF details and the Histogram straight from the field. Mind you, these are the unprocessed files.

Reason #03: Special Scenarios are covered in detail

You’ll learn to expose perfectly in almost all the scenarios like bright subjects, dark subjects, HDR (High Dynamic Range) scene, LDR (Low Dynamic Range), Golden Hours & Foggy days.

Reason #04: Unveiling the true power of the Histogram using 5 different components

The Histogram is not just about underexposure and overexposure. It’s a lot more than that. A Histogram has 5 components to it that are critical to making the perfect exposure. The eBook shows you how to exactly put them to use to make gorgeous images.

Reason #05: Post-Processing as a part of the image making process

Post-processing is most often thought as a beautification tool or sometimes a manipulation tool. You’ll see why it’s wrong to think like that. And also, you’ll understand why you should start considering it as a part of the image making process.

Reason #06: Advanced techniques to make on-the-fly decisions

You’ll learn some advanced techniques (though, I want you to strictly follow the instructions noted in the eBook before using them) that helps you to make on-the-fly decisions in the field, with solid examples. You’ll learn exactly how I use them in the field to quickly achieve the perfect exposure.

Reason #07: Side-by-side comparison of Histograms

You’ll see several examples where I’ve compared two Histograms side-by-side in order to demonstrate a concept. These comparisons can mean a lot when it comes to taking your photography to the next level. Because, most often, the difference between a good and a great photograph is very little. And little things matter.

Still Not Sure?

If you are still not sure if this eBook is for you. There are two things you can do:

1. Take action right away and buy the ebook. Within just an hour you’ll know whether this eBook is worth your time and money, or not. All that you've to do is ask for a refund. I’ll refund in full. No questions asked.

2. Wait for a perfect time in the future when everything falls in place to upgrade your skills. Well, that might never happen. Because we are all great at procrastinating about becoming more successful, buying that dream house, making that great photo, etc. etc.

If you consider learning it all by yourself, it’ll take several months and mostly years to do so. It's possible, but is it worth all your time?

Limited Time Only

Kick-Ass Guide to Exposure: Achieve Perfect Exposure. Every. Single. Time. for a limited time only. It's available only till this Friday midnight 11:59 pm EST.

I want you to grab this incredible opportunity right away to start making better exposures. It’s something you’ll never regret. I guarantee it.


To make it irresistible, I’ve added a bonus eBook--Field Guide to Bird Photography Settings (for Nikon & Canon)--that’ll leave you with no reason to pass this incredible opportunity.

And it’s absolutely free when you purchase Kick-Ass Guide to Exposure eBook or when you bundle it with Kick-Ass Guide to Settings eBook.

100-Day No questions asked Money-back Guarantee

Despite my blind faith that this eBook will be invaluable for you, if you feel it’s not, for any reason or no reason at all, just ask for a refund. I’ll refund your money in full. No questions asked. And, you’ve full hundred days, from the date of purchase, to put it to test.

How much does it cost?

How much are you willing to pay for a one-on-one private virtual masterclass on exposure?

Imagine being able to get a one-on-one private virtual masterclass on exposure with me for just US $49! That's how much this eBook costs.

Just US $49. Not even a penny more.

That’s not even close to my hourly rate. And, here you are getting my 10+ years of experience in just a single eBook.

Not to mention the innumerable techniques that you are going to learn which gets you the result. Even if I had to teach you all of them in person, it’d have taken days. And, it simply wouldn’t have been possible for me to spend hours and days to dig out all the necessary photographs to demonstrate the concepts to you.

Not to mention that you wouldn’t have been able to go back and refer to what you learned. And, of course, you wouldn’t have my RAW/unprocessed files either.

If you consider learning it all by yourself, it’ll take several months and mostly years to do so. Because, how do you know what to look for?

Most often, the solution is very simple and straightforward as you’ll recognize immediately after reading only the first few pages. The issue is to know what to look for. Even if you do know what to look for, how do you know where to look for it? Even if you do get to know some of these concepts, how do you know they work?

Even if you do get to know all these techniques, the time and effort it takes to learn them all by yourself and put them to practice are not worth it. Trust me on this. I’ve repeatedly heard my students saying why didn’t someone taught them the importance of getting the perfect exposure in the field. And, they said it just after learning a few techniques. Just a few.

In simple words, what I am saying is, you are getting all the things that you’ll ever need about making a great exposure in one single book. And every single concept is illustrated with unprocessed files straight out of the camera. As a proof of authenticity, I’ve taken the screenshot of the Histogram and the EXIF data for almost all the images. Can you beat that?

It helps you avoid costly mistakes of ruining the exposure of some rare opportunities. You don’t want that. That one photo can mean a lot to you. At the end of the day, there’s just one winner.

You’ll never find another bargain like this one! So, I strongly urge you to consider giving it a shot. You have one hundred days to decide if it’s right for you or not! I’ll refund you the full amount with no questions asked, if you ever decide to ask for it.

Note that the eBook is available only till this Friday midnight 11:59 pm EST. I want you to grab this incredible opportunity right away to start making better exposures.

Act right away, before it’s too late.

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