Free Bird Photography eBook – 10 Mistakes & Solutions

Free Book or eBook on Bird Photography for beginners. Best Bird Photography tips for beginners. eBook by Prathap. Nature Photography Simplified.

Quit Mistakes Because There Are No Retakes!

  • These 10 mistakes would turn you into a better photographer because you wouldn’t ever commit them again.
  • Understand why What Not To Do is much more important than What To Do.
  • Learn how a simple change can lead to drastic improvement.
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Here’s What Our Readers Are Saying About This Bird Photography eBook

Thanks Prathap for the free ebook.  It is fabulous and has given me already some valuable tips in how I take my photos from now on.  I appreciate your efforts. – Tanya Tamm

Many thanks for the beautiful bird book and all the tips.  There are lots of great suggestions there.  How nice of you to share them with us.  I will keep on reading, learning and practicing because I love photography as much as you do.  -Eve Klein

Honestly, this is beautifully written. Simple and easy to understand and follow. I was able to relate to mistakes mentioned in the book. – Gopal

Thank you very much for your e book. This is comprehensive &  having details with practical solution.  Your zeal for distributing knowledge free is appreciated.A great guide for bird photography. – Pinakin

As a very amateur nature/bird photographer I learned several key things from your “10 Mistakes” book, mainly to pay attention to the background and above all………. patience.  The photos in the book and on your website are beautiful examples of proper technique. Thanks again for the book. – Gordon

This beautifully designed and illustrated bird photography eBook will improve your photography within an hour. You’ll never have to worry about why your bird photograph doesn’t stand out after reading this 66 page Bird Photography eBook!

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