Do You Know What Makes A Pro Bird Photographer Win Accolades?

It's not the equipment. It's not the luxury of going places. It's not the time. It's the THOUGHT PROCESS...the IMAGE MAKING PROCESS.

Change your THINKING to change the OUTCOME.

Think Like A Pro

This New eBook Teaches You Exactly That...or Your Money Back

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(*This is a digital book delivered in pdf format only.)

Why Should You Think Like A Pro?

A professional photographer doesn’t go into the field to come back with loads of bird photographs.

He has just one thing in mind!

He wants to get the best out of a given situation. He knows that one superb photograph is worth thousands of mediocre images.

A pro photographer spends as much time understanding his subject as on photographing it. He understands what makes a great photograph and gives his best to make it happen. He prepares himself for that key moment.

Thinking like a pro immediately puts you in his shoes. Your point of view shifts from mere equipment and settings, to something more meaningful – the image making process.

You will stop worrying about the images you have taken. Instead, you will concentrate on your potential to make bird photographs that are sure to win accolades.

You will uncover the greater pleasure in making more meaningful images. Your images will speak for you. You will be able to feel the difference.

That’s the mind-shift that will elevate you above the mediocre photographers out there.


Foreword by Rathika Ramasamy

"...Bird Photography Simplified is going to be one of the best eBooks on bird photography for a long time to come. Prathap's uncanny ability to simplify the concepts of bird photography and his evocative bird photographs makes this a unique eBook. The practical orientation and “think like a pro” concept is worth a read for any aspiring bird photographer and the experienced ones alike. It is loaded with field techniques that a pro photographer often uses.

While there are many other bird photography books in the market, this eBook has a unique touch to it. Instead of bluntly saying what to do, Prathap has made the point about why and how to do. Having a sound knowledge about your own photographs is a potential advantage which not many photographers possess..."

How Does A Pro Think?

A professional photographer would look at one or many of these aspects before making a photograph:

1. Is this location suitable?
2. What is the direction and quality of the light?
3. Shall I go with a profile shot? Or an action shot? Or a moody shot?
4. Is the background distracting or is it complementing my subject?
5. What should my point of view be?
6. Shall I fill the frame? Shall I include the habitat? Can I get an eye-level shot?
7. Is there enough light to get the best possible settings for the shot I chose?
8. Can I get sharp results?

Most other photographers will just worry about step 7 and 8. Do you see the huge difference between a pro photographer and an amateur?

Melissa Groo

"I just had to look at your ebook today. What an incredible resource you have put together! I didn't have time to read the whole thing, but I looked at every page, skimming the text, reading some parts in full. The photos are stunning, your conversational tone is wonderful, and your tips are spot on, every time."


Do You Want To Start Thinking Like A Professional Photographer?

If your answer is YES, then I have a MOST EFFECTIVE solution.

The core philosophy of the Bird Photography Simplified eBook is to help you think like a pro. Each of the 8 points above forms the basis for a chapter in this eBook. Every chapter deals with these concepts in greater detail. The detail that you won’t get anywhere else.

The first chapter is about the camera and the lenses, to help you chose the right equipment and save a ton of money and disappointment. The last chapter gives you a mini-project to get the best out of this eBook.

"An absolutely awesome eBook, written in a very unique way, which makes it a one of a kind. A must read for everybody interested in bird photography, from the amateur “rookie” to the seasoned professional. It's technical, yet extremely practical; it's the first time that I read a book like this. It covers all aspects of bird photography. The technical (equipment) requirements as well as the practical “field” aspects to improve one's bird photography skills. What makes this eBook even more enjoyable is that Prathap wrote it in his own unique style, humorous, yet very informative."

- Henk Liebenberg

Here’s EXACTLY What You Get In Each Chapter of the Bird Photography Simplified eBook

Chapter 1: Know Your Gear


Image Copyright © Canon


Image Copyright © Nikon

Deciding on which camera and lens you should buy should be the easiest task around. In simple terms, buy the best equipment you can afford and USE IT!

This chapter smashes some of the long-standing myths about the equipment, such as:

• The myth about the cropped sensor vs full sensor.
• The myth about higher ISO.
• The myth about higher FPS.

It also eases your decision in choosing the right lens for bird photography.

Once you understand these factors, your decision making becomes far easier. You will know exactly what to look for while buying the equipment. You will be able to make a snappier judgment. More than anything, you will be happy with your choice.

Chapter 2: Settings for Different Types of Bird Photography


Image Copyright © Prathap Photography

This chapter simplifies the mind-boggling concepts about the science of photography. It eases all your tension about getting the right exposure. It takes an in-depth look into the metering modes, focusing modes, manual mode, aperture priority mode, shutter priority mode and exposure compensation.

To make things simple for the beginner/amateur bird photographer, it discusses the most useful settings applicable to different types of bird photography.

There is no one setting which works in bird photography. It truly depends on the situation. What matters the most is to choose the right settings. This chapter gives you EXACT steps to choose the right settings. It also helps you understand why a setting plays such a critical role.

Chapter 3: Location, Habitat & Behavior


Image Copyright © Prathap Photography

Choosing the right location, knowledge of the habitat and a study of the behavior plays a vital role in making the best bird photographs.

This chapter shows you:

• Why location trumps everything
• How to choose the best location
• How to make the best use of the location
• How to find the birds’ habitat
• How to photograph different behavior like territorial fights, courtship dances, etc.

Know the exact reason why every professional photographer goes to the same place again and again and why they give prominence to understanding the birds’ behavior.

“I found this book to be extremely helpful and very easy reading. No high million dollar words. The photos were very, very good. Even the Geeky guy can take something home from this book. I WOULD recommend this book even to a very top end professional because we sometimes forget the very basics and lose sight of what it takes to make a piece of ART not just a photograph”

- Don Goeschl

Chapter 4: The Killer Secret to Professional Quality Photographs


Image Copyright © Prathap Photography

All that professional photographers care about is light. All that amateur photographers care about is about equipment and settings!

This chapter will first hit you hard on your head. It forces you to understand the importance of light, why you should care and shows you exactly how the different kinds of light impact the final outcome.

By the end of this chapter, you will understand why professionals rely heavily on the light. Your thought process will shift from mere equipment and settings to something more meaningful and something that is long lasting.

Chapter 5: The Key Ingredient Of A Fine Photograph


Image Copyright © Prathap Photography

The key differentiating factor of a fine photograph is composition.

There are loads of photographers who just don’t seem to care about it. If you don’t care to compose then no one will care about your photographs. The composition is the key to conveying your message.

Composing a photograph is quite easy in bird photography and the resulting photograph can make a whole different impact if you make small adjustments to composition. This chapter helps you understand:

• How to clearly convey your message to the viewer.
• What makes the viewer go wow
• How to make intimate bird photographs
• What pose makes for the best bird photographs
• How and when to break the rules

At the end of the day, your message should be crystal clear.

Chapter 6: It’s Not About The Reach, It’s About Getting Close


Image Copyright © Prathap Photography

Think about it. No matter how big a lens you have, birds are always far away.

Getting close is the most important aspect. It will relieve you of the constant fight for a bigger lens. This chapter helps you to get close and put a full stop to your worry.

If you can practice the techniques outlined in this chapter, your chances of success will sky rocket. This chapter describes many professional techniques to approach the birds. Some are as simple as using natural hides and others require you to have more practice and patience.

“This ebook is going to be my first reference source as I learn to become a better bird photographer. I am just a beginner in this field of photography but with the expertise of the author and the brilliant design of the various chapters I know I will make rapid progress. The photos are a source of inspiration and clearly support the text. Well done.”

- Ron Bateson

Chapter 7: It’s Either Sharp Or Nothing


Image Copyright © Prathap Photography

Isn’t this the case? If your photographs are not sharp, then they are useless.

Getting a tack-sharp focus is the key to the success of your bird photographs. This chapter takes you through many techniques to get tack-sharp photos.

With serious practice you’d be able to get better and better at it.

You have to remember one thing though. It won’t be possible to get a tack-sharp focus every single time. No one is perfect, but you could improve your chances in leaps and bounds by following some good practices.

It’s critical to get that ONE PERFECT SHOT in tack-sharp focus. That one perfect shot requires you to be consistent. Consistency is the result of practice. Practice makes perfect.

While this eBook prepares you for one perfect shot, this chapter teaches you on how to get that critical tack-sharp focus.

Chapter 8: Birds In Flight


Image Copyright © Prathap Photography

Freezing an action is not easy. It’s a challenge for every photographer, professional or not.

“The more challenging a task is…the more interesting it becomes.”

Learning the right field techniques will be a deal breaker. If you start off wrong, then you will probably be frustrated more than ever.

Everything boils down to two things, behavior and the wind direction. Understand the flight behavior, check the wind direction, take care of the position of the wings and you are bound to get better photographs. This chapter is all about that.

Chapter 9: Keep It Clean And Simple


Image Copyright © Prathap Photography

Everything boils down to this one simple trick in bird photography.

“Keep it clean & simple”

Bird photographs appeal to millions of people because they are simple and stunning. Birds are quite stunning. All that you need to do is keep your photograph simple. Keep the background clean and simple.

There are several techniques explained in this chapter to get a clean background. It’s amazingly easy to get a clean background, no matter what equipment you use. Each technique can be a killer technique that will open a whole new world for you.

Everything is available to keep it clean and simple. This eBook shows you how to make this possible.

“"Bird photography Simplified - A Virtual Masterclass" by Prathap is an outstanding eBook on all things related to photographing Birds and understanding bird behaviours and their habitats.

It is one of the most complete books I have come across on the subject of Bird photography and covers everything from equipment, technique, light and composition, approaching birds and the entire process of making great photographs…

Prathap is very honest and forthright in his teaching unlike other authors or books that seem to hold back on some aspects or tend to gild the lily a little. The book is also engaging and stimulating to the extent that I had to stop reading on many occasions to pick up my camera and long lens to just go out in search of birds to try out a concept or technique. That is what a Masterclass should do and Prathap has achieved that well. Often I wondered whether he wrote the book just for me. I am sure all readers have felt that way when reading the book.

I recommend it wholeheartedly and anyone interested in bird photography should read the book, mark it up, try out the lessons in the field and reread it. I feel my bird photography skills have increased exponentially after reading the book.”

- Venki Prathivadi

Chapter 10: Sky-rocket Your Bird Photography In Just 3 Days


Image Copyright © Prathap Photography

Give me 3 days, I will guarantee to sky-rocket your bird photography.

Ready? Good. If you follow this chapter to the letter, then there is no way that you can make bad bird photographs.

This chapter serves as a field guide to steer you in the right direction. It will help you to THINK LIKE A PRO and ACT LIKE ONE. You will not be the same photographer after this!

• You will be more confident about your equipment.
• You will be more confident about your techniques.
• You will be more confident about yourself.

Every photograph you make will give you immense satisfaction. Your bird photographs are BOUND TO WIN ACCOLADES because they deserve it.

No matter how much experience you have in bird photography, this one chapter will assist you immensely.

You will never be the same again!

Available for just US$39.99

FREE: A Step-by-Step Guide to Post Processing Bird Photographs eBook worth US$19.99

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(*This is a digital book delivered in pdf format only.)

     Buy it Now! (Only For Indians)     

(*This is a digital book delivered in pdf format only.)

How About A 60-Day Money Back Guarantee?


Yes! Bird Photography Simplified eBook comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Within 60-days you should be able to test drive this eBook to see if it improves your bird photography or not. If you think it’s not worth, just drop me a mail and I will refund your money completely. Of course, no questions asked.

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Prathap is the founder of this blog where he shares his extensive knowledge on photography. He believes in teaching the core concepts in best possible and practical way to all his readers/students. He firmly believes that photography is a life-long learning as any other art.

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