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Day #12: Hidden Gem! – Waterfall In A Coffee Estate In Coorg

Day #12: Hidden Gem! – Waterfall in a Coffee Estate in Coorg

Best Nature photos.Waterfalls in Coorg . Nature, Wildlife, Bird, and Landscape Photography by Prathap.

The Photo

A small waterfall inside a coffee estate in Coorg (or Madikere), India.

Story Behind the Photo

Coorg (or Madikere) is an awesome place to visit in Karnataka in Southern part of India. If you have been to South India and missed Coorg, then you might have missed a marvellous beauty. Hopefully, in near future I will do a write up on Coorg and its amazing beauty.

Here I was at this waterfall with my friends (who were also my colleagues) on a bachelor’s trip during Christmas holidays. Coorg boasts of several hundreds of such small waterfalls inside coffee estates that are mostly inaccessible to the public. Fortunately this waterfall was open to public but only few people knew about it.

Now I don’t remember how we ended up there!

The waterfall was small, just a couple of meters I believe, and not many people were around. As usual I had to take some photographs for my friends before I was allowed to take what I wanted. It was like paying bribe 🙂

I didn’t own a tripod then. I needed to do some magic to get the silky flow of the waterfalls. I had tried it before in Stockholm and it was disastrous as you can imagine. But I had more experience by then. I knew some magic tricks to use long exposure technique to get the silky flow of the water.

I was getting the Shutter Speed of 0.8 seconds and I had to make this photograph as I knew I may not be able to find that place again sometime later. The weather condition was just right. It was cloudy day with a distributed light.

Then how did I do it?

Here is the simple trick to get acceptably sharp image, but definitely not the sharpest:

  • Push the viewfinder to your face so that it is firm
  • Push your left hand close to your chest as you hold the camera
  • Take a deep breath and hold it and take multiple photographs in burst mode

That’s it! But remember to breathe out 🙂

The more your practice this simple hand holding technique better you will be at it. Remember that you might not be able to get a sharper photo at full resolution but resized photo would be very much acceptable.

Technical Information

Body:  Nikon D60

Lens:  Nikon 18-200mm VR

Focal Length:  20mm

Aperture (f-stop):  f/22

Shutter Speed:   0.8 sec

ISO Sensitivity:  ISO-100

Exposure Compensation:  0 step

Metering Mode:  Pattern

Shooting Mode:  Manual Mode

Quick Tip

The slower shutter speed does the magic of getting the silky smooth flow of the waterfall. Diffused light of the cloudy days is the best light for waterfall photography. For best results, always use a tripod for taking waterfall photographs.

Read the article 7 Tips to Create Stunning Photographs of Waterfalls to learn more about how to take waterfall photographs.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Photo Story. Have a Great Day Ahead!

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This Post Has 2 Comments
  1. Good picture Prathap. The top part of the water fall looks like gently kissing the lower part as though it’s careful not to hurt the latter by it’s fall. Such a silky smooth appearance!

    Now it’s obvious that the top portion is the one from where water flows into the bottom one. The above feeling is a result of your slow shutter speed shot and apt post processing.

    1. Thank you so much for such a beautiful explanation! As always you rock in your articulation Madhu. I guess I should take help from you for all the titles 🙂

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