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5 Simple Tips for Cavern Photography. Cave Photography Tips by Prathap. Luray Caverns in West Virginia. Nature Photography Simplified.

5 Simple Tips To Make Better Cavern Photographs

Have you ever been to a Cavern? Caverns are so exceptional. Our first ever visit to caverns was the Luray caverns in West Virginia. It was a mesmerizing experience for sure. The formations were brilliant and the story behind them is spell-binding. Photographing caverns is like photographing Switzerland. Wherever you point your camera, you will […]

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How to use Mobile for taking fantastic photographs and to improve your photography skills. Nature, Landscape, Bird and Wildlife Photography by Prathap.

Which Camera Is The Best?

This question is probably the most asked question for any photographer. You might have been asked number of times or you might have asked some other photographer the same question. It is similar to asking which car is the best or which mobile is the best and so on. What I feel as best camera […]

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Post Processing Tips for Panorama Photographs in Adobe Photoshop. creating stunning panorama photographs. Nature, Landscape, Bird, and Wildlife Photography by Prathap.

Post Processing Tips for Panorama Photographs in Adobe Photoshop

While the previous article dealt with creating stunning panorama photographs, this article deals with stitching the multiple photographs together to create panorama in Adobe Photoshop software. So, assuming that you took multiple photographs to create panorama following all the necessary steps as described in the previous article, let us jump into post processing steps. Note: […]

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Photography Composition Techniques: Elements of Visual Design. Shape and Form. Indian Peafowl portrait. Nature, Wildlife, Bird and Landscape Photography by Prathap. Silhouette of an Indian Peafowl.

Photography Composition Techniques: Elements of Design – Shape & Form

When I say Shape, what comes to your mind first? May be a Triangle, Circle, Square, or something similar…isn’t it? We learnt it in our schools. We remember them immediately because they are all primary shapes. When you started drawing as a kid you would have mostly started drawing outlines, isn’t it? Outlines are nothing […]

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