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Screw It, Just Do It!

I know the title of this article doesn’t suit me much. But, I wanted to say it anyway. It’s inspired by Sir Richard Branson’s famous book “Screw It, Let’s Do It.” If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it. Here’s an acceptable version for photographers: “Stop Talking, Start Clicking.” Alright, here’s what I wanted […]

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Snowy Egret Display. Interview with Michael Milicia. A professional bird and wildlife photographer. Best bird photography and wildlife photography tips. Nature Photography Simplified.

Interview with Michael Milicia: An Inspiring Bird Photographer

You know that this blog is based on simplicity. Michael Milicia is a person who lives and breathes on simplicity. Mike is a software professional turned professional bird and wildlife photographer. He is a multiple award winner as well an inspiring photographer and teacher. He believes in breaking down the complex technical aspects in photography […]

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Tim Laman. Top 12 Bird Photographers in the world. Best Bird Photographers in the world. Nature Photography Simplified.

Top 12 Bird Photographers in the World

A Happy World Photography Day to You! Photography is a pleasurable experience for sure. Bird photography is mind-blowing because of the variety. They are also challenging to photograph. You wouldn’t get tired anytime. Here’s a list of 12 top bird photographers in the world who are never tired. They are photographing birds from several years […]

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