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Maitreya Buddha Leh Ladakh photography exhibition by Prathap D K

5 Key Elements To Keep In Mind When You Travel To A New Destination

Traveling to a new destination brings a lot of excitement in the otherwise normal life of ours. Most of us dream about visiting some destinations that are known to be photogenic — the places which offer plenty of photographic opportunities. While it’s great to visit such dream destinations, you’d have to take a different approach […]

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The Essence of Photography

Sometimes you might feel like you’re not getting anywhere with photography. Isn’t it? You might feel that it’s all too complicated. You might even be stressed about the fact that you just can’t get a good photograph no matter what you do. Perhaps you are not sure why despite having technical knowhow your photos don’t […]

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The Strangest Secret: Post-Processing eBook/Book. How to approach post-processing. A Book/eBook by Prathap.

[Food For Thought] DSLR—The Showpiece

Do you know the biggest problem that we face while learning new skills? No matter what that new skill is. We want to learn it instantly. It’s technically known as Instant Gratification. In software (maybe in other professions too), we put a different spin on it and say “they (usually the customers) want everything to […]

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Photography Tips and advice by Prathap

Screw It, Just Do It!

I know the title of this article doesn’t suit me much. But, I wanted to say it anyway. It’s inspired by Sir Richard Branson’s famous book “Screw It, Let’s Do It.” If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it. Here’s an acceptable version for photographers: “Stop Talking, Start Clicking.” Alright, here’s what I wanted […]

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