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Day #21: Framed!

Day #21: Framed!

Best Nature Photos. Bond Falls in Peak Autumn Colors Fall Foliage in Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA . Nature, Wildlife, Bird, and Landscape Photography by Prathap.

The Photo

Bond Falls framed by the autumn trees in Ontonagon County, Upper Peninsula, Michigan.

Story Behind the Photo

Waterfall photography in peak autumn colors was the theme of our trip to Upper Peninsula, Michigan. I had lot of expectations from myself to photograph one of the most beautiful falls in Michigan, the Bond Falls.

As it generally happens, the expectations turn into disappointments due to several reasons one of which was the fall foliage. The fall colors right next to the falls were already gone. It was an utter disappointment to me as a photographer.

It was not for long as I enjoyed the company of my wife. We were immersed in the sheer beauty of the waterfalls itself. This cascading falls is a treat to watch from many different viewpoints that can be reached via boardwalk.

I found a spot to make a photograph of the Bond Falls with autumn colors, though in a different way ūüôā . It was a unique angle too, giving a hint of Bond Falls making it more of an abstract element than giving away its identity.

Orange-yellow leaves of the autumn trees formed a natural frame complementing green foliage, while the boardwalk (hopefully) invites you to take a better look at the hidden waterfalls. Short walk path at the bottom of the frame serves as the leading line creating the depth in the photograph. Vertical composition was an apt choice for the natural framing that was present in the scene.

Quick Tip

Framing technique using natural elements could lead to stronger composition. Learn more about the composition techniques to create stronger images.

Also check out 7 Tips to Create Stunning Photographs of Waterfalls.

Technical Information

Body:  Nikon D7100

Lens: Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G Prime Lens

Focal Length: 50mm

Aperture (f-stop):  f/11

Shutter Speed:  1/10 sec

ISO Sensitivity:  ISO-100

Exposure Compensation: 0 step

Metering Mode:  Spot

Shooting Mode:  Manual

Facts from Wiki

Bond Falls is a waterfall on the middle branch of the Ontonagon River, a few miles east of Paulding in Haight Township in southern Ontonagon County, Michigan. The site is near U.S. Highway 45 in the western portion of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The waterfalls are listed by the state of Michigan as the Bond Falls Scenic Site.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Photo Story. Have a Great Day Ahead!

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