Fascinating Bird Photography: This is Incredible & Innovative!

Yes. Bird photography is fascinating. We all agree.

But is it so fascinating that someone can take it this far? He invented something called a BIRD PHOTO BOOTH!

Why? He loves to photograph bird at close quarters. But he couldn’t do it. He didn’t have super telephoto lenses. It was quite expensive to buy one. We all know that. It’s kind of a frustration that almost every bird photographer has to deal with.

Almost everything about bird photography is expensive! Very bad. But it’s also fun and fulfilling.

While lot of us would crib about it, one man turned his frustration to an INNOVATION. Can you believe that?

His name is Bryson Lovett.

He developed a bird photo booth which will essentially allow him to fit a small camera to a bird feeder. What happens then…?


Watch it to believe it. You’ll love it.


Fortunately, few years back I got a chance to watch a hummingbird in close-quarters. That’s through a glass door panel.

But after listening to its wing beat in this video, I was thrilled. It’s unbelievable. It’s incredible. Hats off to Bryson Lovett!

Hopefully one day I can get hold of it and try it J

Go watch the video now. Let me know your thoughts. What happens if we turn our frustrations to innovations?

Perhaps, we would change the bird photography world? J


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