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Bird Photography Package

best bird photography ebooks or books. Bird photography tips and techniques. Post-processing guide to adobe photoshop and lightroom.

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Coming Soon: Waterfalls Photography – A Comprehensive Field Guide

Waterfalls Photography A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners. An eBook about how to shoot waterfalls to get silky smooth effects. Long Exposure Photography.

FREE eBook: Bird Photography – 10 Mistakes & Solutions

Free Bird Photography eBook for beginners. Best bird photography book for beginners. Bird Photography Tips. Book by Prathap

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 Bird Photography: 15 Incredible Tips for Bird Photographers

Bird Photography: 15 Incredible Tips for Beginners. Beginners guide to bird photography. Bird Photography Tips. eBook by Prathap.

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DSLR Basics: Understanding Exposure – A 9-part Series

Nature Photography Simplified. Understanding Exposure, Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO eBook. Written by Prathap.

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