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Bird Photography Contest 2015 Winners

Bird Photography Contest 2015 Winners

The wait is over!

The time has come to announce the much-awaited results of the Bird Photography Contest 2015.

The Bird Photography Contest 2015 conducted by Nature Photography Simplified got a whopping 1,150+ images from 800+ participants. There were hundreds of amazing photographs. The images were nothing short of any other esteemed competition in terms of quality and uniqueness.

Our esteemed judge, Rathika Ramasamy, was thrilled to see the photo entries. It was a daunting task to select just 4 out of 1,150+ images. She has made every attempt to select 4 photographs that are not only technically brilliant but also evocative images.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rathika Ramasamy for judging this competition. A heartfelt thanks to Rathika.

Hearty congratulations to all the winners.


Bird Photography Contest 2015 Winners. Nature Photography Simplified.

Judge’s Comment: Flamingos in misty habitat. Poetry in motion, with low light difficult to capture, the noise texture gives you misty feeling. Very good composition, showing the winter habitat including the dark shaded trees gives you perfect background for the white birds.

Photographer’s Name: Tahir Abbas

Image Title: The Misty morning

Place Taken: Uchali lake Punjab Pakistan

Image Caption: I used a boat to capture flamingoes in a misty morning .i could not see the flamingoes due to mist in the lake just heard a sound and followed it with my lens.i saw a big flock.

EXIF Data: Canon EOS 70D, EF400mm f/5.6L USM,  ƒ/5.6, 1/8000s, ISO 320


 Honorable Mentions

Bird Photography Contest 2015 Winners. Nature Photography Simplified.

Judge’s Comment: Bonelli’s eagle (Aquila fasciata) killing Gray heron, the prey is as big as Eagle is nature history moment to capture.

Photographer’s Name: R Karthik

Image Title: Bonelli’s eagle

Bird Photography Contest 2015 Winners. Nature Photography Simplified.

Judge’s Comment: Osprey is great at fishing, swooping a huge fish, nice action image. Everything from splashing water to framing the image is all good. It’s a well-timed shot.

Photographer’s Name:  Barbara Houston

Image Title:  Big catch!

Place Taken: James River, Richmond, VA

Image Caption: Taken from a boat on the James River

EXIF Data: Canon 7D2 with 400mm 5.6 lens, 1/1250s, f7.1, ISO 500


Bird Photography Contest 2015 Winners. Nature Photography Simplified.

Judge’s Comment: It is one of the rare shots. Spotting a single is tough. Sighting both male and female is very rare. Capturing them in action is good as it happens very fast. It’s a nice composition with both of them looking to the camera.

Photographer’s Name: James Lee Fung Onn

Image Title: Mating

Place Taken: Kubah National Park Kuching Sarawak

Image Caption: In our city is not easy to see this banded kingfisher, don’t say two standing together, seeing both of them mating is impossible, but it is happening in front of me… Wow! Amazing!

EXIF Data: Canon EOS 7-D, 300mm, 1/30 sec, f/3.5, ISO 125.


Surprise Award

Here’s a surprise award.

The following photo got enormous votes from our blog readers in the voting of Top 20 Finalist Images of Bird Photography Contest 2015. It was a clear favorite among our readers.

So, we decided to give away the prizes worth $60 to the Popular Award winner.

Bird Photography Contest 2015 Winners. Nature Photography Simplified.

Photographer’s Name: TIN SANG CHAN

Image Title: Great Gray owl Landing

Place Taken: Ottawa Ontario

Image Caption: Well it was very cool that day. I had to walk an hour to get there then had to wait for the owl to some action.

EXIF Data: Canon 1DX, 70-200mm lens, f/5, ISO-640, 1/1600 sec


All the 5 winners will get my most-awaited eBook of the year Bird Photography Simplified eBook worth US$39.99

Bird Photography Simplified eBook or Book by Prathap. The best book on bird photography. Best bird photography tips for beginners. Nature Photography Simplified.

and A Step-by-Step Guide to Post Processing Bird Photographs eBook worth US$19.95.


The winners will get a separate mail with prize details and gift cards as applicable.

Lucky Winner of Guess the Winner and Be a Winner

In my last article Top 20 Finalist Images of Bird Photography Contest 2015, I asked the users to take a guess on the winner. There were around 188 readers who took a guess.

And that lucky winner is Richard Lau. Congratulations! Richard. You will receive a mail about the prize.


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  1. Congratulations all the winners but I wanna congratulate Prathap Sir for this contest.
    Hope we see more of such contest from you in future too.

  2. ƒ/5.6, 1/8000s, ISO 320

    Is not all that a low light condition… the choice is poor because it is about bird photography and not landscapes. I am talking about the flamingoes. Just my 2-cents…

      1. KGSP & Ashish, the EXIF data was not available during the judging. It was collected just before publishing the results. The results wouldn’t have changed just because the photo was not taken in the low light!

  3. Congrats to the winner and thanks to all the contestant’s for the beautiful and inspiring photos…

    And well done Prathap, for staging such a fantastic contest!

  4. Prathap, this contest was superb. It is a pleasure to see the variety of birds in action. Looking forward to more such contests. All the best. Cherio!

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