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3 month photography mentorship program. Best photography workshop or masterclass in field. Best way to learn photography. Bird Photography Landscape Photography workshop classes.Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how to improve the success of my workshop/masterclass students.

I am really worried, in fact.

The reason is simple; during the masterclass, I see an enormous improvement in every student within a matter of one or two days. The feedback I received was also phenomenal. This is awesome!

But is it enough? What happens after they go out of my masterclass?

Here’s the feedback from Mr. Rathakrishnan (fondly known as Ratha) who attended my master class in December 2015:

“The masterclass was very useful and have learned a lot in very short span. You are so knowledgeable and we could have more sessions in the future to at least learn a few techniques from your vast knowledge and experience.

 Even though the program was very tight and engaging and wanting time I did not feel tired of learning as it was interesting too.

Hope to join in future sessions and learn a lot.”

– Rathakrishnan

The good part was that Ratha came back for another masterclass in Feb 2016. I felt very happy as it shows his confidence in my teaching. However, I think he made a thought-provoking statement on these lines, as I remember;

I think I learned a lot this time. First time was more of understanding the technique, but this time I learned how to apply them. And you teach the same concept in different ways, which made me understand it better this time. Every time, I get to learn something new.

I think I have heard this time and again. A 2 or 3-day masterclass is excellent as it kick starts your photography; however, if you don’t diligently apply those techniques and practice them, it becomes a futile attempt on both sides.

One of the best examples where it worked wonders is Mr. Anand. In a span of a year, Anand attended 3 of my workshops (and some other workshops too)! I must admit that he was the toughest student. Not because he doesn’t understand or a slow learner, because his expectations were exactly opposite to what I teach.

Anand believes in the settings a lot, and I taught him only the art of photography. I would say there is no paint-by-number stuff. He was frustrated, so was I. It was a lot of friction before I was able to change his perspective. Though, he did learn the settings from me (of course, not in a paint-by-number fashion), It looks like I own at the end.

Today, Anand thinks more from a professional photographer’s standpoint. I see a drastic improvement in his photography. He did understand the true form of photography. Other workshop students truly appreciate some of his photographs. They are in fact excellent.

Time and again, it’s proven that unless the student put my techniques into practice, he/she is not getting the best of it. The important thing is to practice it over and over again, and refine it.

The above experiences made me come up with a robust program that will enable my students to make the best use of my workshops. I thought the best option is to do a longer workshop. This program might allow my students to practice the techniques diligently over and over again until it becomes their second nature.

3-month mentorship program

The 3-month mentorship program concept was born! It will be multiple small masterclasses that will allow you to understand each concept thoroughly. Most importantly you would have time to apply these concepts and practice them. Then, get them reviewed by me and do it again if it’s necessary.

If you give me your 100%, then this should be the only program you should attend. You should be able to get surprisingly good results. I want to see that you surprise yourself and your friends and family members with the results. Believe me, every workshop student of mine has done it already. It’s not an exaggeration.

The best part of this mentorship program is, you can do it from your home and at your convenience. This program is designed for all those who were disappointed that they couldn’t attend my masterclass.

This is the most comprehensive and practical course I have offered till date.

Please read the complete details before enrolling to this program. Also, check out the introductory offer.

3-Month Photography Mentorship Course Schedule (12 Sessions)

Note: All sessions are 1-to-1

It’ll be a 2-hour Skype/Google-hangout session every week for 3 months. You can do it at your convenience from your home/office at your preferred time.

There are 3 categories:

  1. Basic Photography Mentorship Program
  2. Bird Photography Mentorship Program
  3. Landscape Photography Mentorship Program

You can choose any of the above mentorship programs. I would recommend you not to mix it up. To gain expertise in one particular topic requires a lot of effort and focus is the key. Focused efforts are what I am looking towards.

If you are from Bangalore, India, we can have practical face-to-face sessions at least once every month.

First Session

The first session will be reserved to get an in-depth understanding of where you stand and to list out a plan of action for the future sessions. I will do a detailed portfolio review.

We will come up with a schedule for every week and stick to it.

Every session will be customized to your needs and will be aligned to get the best results.

Remaining Sessions

  • Camera settings required for a particular technique.
  • The actual concept behind the method. Why it works and when it works.
  • Professional tips and techniques around that topic.
  • Assignment for the next week around that topic.
  • Previous week’s assignment/photographs review.
  • Areas of improvement.
  • Post-processing techniques using Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop

Final Session

  • Select portfolio worthy photographs.
  • Set up a Facebook page (it’s free to setup) to showcase best of your works.
  • How to select photographs for the photography competitions.

Note: All sessions are 1-to-1. Good internet connectivity is a must as we make video conversation.

What’s Not Covered?

  • Night photography
  • Flash photography
  • A topic that I don’t know. I cannot teach what I haven’t practiced myself.

Course Fee

  • US$1000 if paid in full.
  • US$400 in 3 installments on a monthly basis.

Course fee should be paid before we start the first session. The course fee will not be refunded.

Introductory Offer

50% discount on the course fee for April 2016 enrollment.

April Batch (Batch-1) is FULL

  • Only 5 students (First Come First Serve).

Interested to join me for the next batch?

If you are interested in joining my next batch, send me a mail using contact me form. Don’t forget to mention that you want to enroll for the 3-month photography mentorship program. Waiting list students will get the first preference.

Consider this before you enroll for the 3-month photography mentorship program

Enroll in this program, if and only if:

  • You can commit yourself for 3 months.
  • You can attend all the 12 sessions without fail.
  • You have a drive to practice the assignments every week.
  • You think this program can make you a much better photographer.

This is not a one-man show. I cannot make you a better photographer without your 100% co-operation.

I am proud of my students so far, and fortunately, they are proud of me too. I want you to be proud too.

How to Apply?

Send a mail to me telling my which program you want to select. We will take it from there if seats are available.


If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me.

Good luck!

Think Photography. Think Simple.

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